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Silver Labradorite Bracelet


The labradorite statement. 

This beautiful bracelets features labradorite, a natural mineral known for its vibrant flashes of brown, blue, green. Set in sterling silver, each labradorite has a rich colour and captivating iridescence amplified by its faceted cuts. This statement piece is finished with a T-bar clasp. 

  • Materials: Sterling silver and labradorite. 
  • Shape: Oval-cut, faceted labradorite 
  • Gemstone dimensions: from 8 x 6 mm to 9 x 6 mm 
  • Length: 7.5 inches with 3 centimetre extension
  • Width: 15 mm width  
  • Weight: 36.81 grams 

This piece features twenty-two, oval-cut labradorite gemstone. The smaller labradorites measure 8 x 6 mm with the larger labradorite measuring 9 x 6 mm. 

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