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Silver terzetto garnet pendant


This unique pendant showcases the multifaceted beauty of garnet in three distinct forms, gracefully transitioning from its polished cuts to a raw, unrefined state. Set in sterling silver, the red garnets display a deep red colour and inner glow.

  • Material: Sterling silver and red garnet 
  • Includes rough, faceted and cabochon cut garnet 
  • Shape: round brilliant-cut, organic shape and pear-cut 
  • 45 mm in length 
  • 15 mm in width 
  • weight: 4.27 grams 

The pendant measures 45 x 15 mm, faceted round brilliant garnet measures 4.5 mm, freeform rough garnet approx 8 x 14 mm and pear shaped cabochon cut garnet 15 x 11 mm. 

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