The best way to protect your jewellery

There are a host of reasons why people obtain a valuation. We advised that high-priced items ans sentimental inherited/jewellery should always be appraised, to determine the value and to ensure your precious items are covered for piece of mind.

We do not carry out valuations online, because we prefer to physically see the item to provide a precise document. If you would like a valuation, please complete the form below . Or, simply email us at to find out more!

Our jewellery appraiser will inspect and evaluate your pieces to provide a valuation document. This document will include a detailed description of the item and confirm its current value.

Starting from £15

Getting your item to us is easy, you can visit our store or we can conduct a valuation in the comfort and privacy of your own home, removing the risk of transporting your valuable jewels.

Completed in less than 5 days

Complete the form below to schedule an appointment and we will get in touch within 24 hours!