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Genuine Coral Necklaces

Coral is made up of skeletal remains of marine animals called coral polyps. These tiny creatures live in colonies which form branching structures as they grow, eventually forming coral reefs. Forming beautiful landscapes beneath us, such as the great coral reef, showcasing tropical colour palettes and the most diverse atmospheres on earth. 

However today, coral reefs worldwide are dying at alarming rates. As a result of ongoing climate, rising sea temperatures, pollution and over fishing have manifested into less biodiversity, a less beautiful ocean and coral bleaching worldwide. Consequently our bright coral polyps are transformed into a grave yard of white skeletal remains. 

Dedicated to the conservation of natures precious gifts we are focused on giving coral reefs a future and therefore follow the industries lead to not use coral in our jewellery. The pieces featured in this collection have been acquired during the glory years of our coral reefs and before the need to protect our coral reefs. No repeats, once gone they are gone as we continue our efforts on the sustainability and future of marine life and Eco- systems. 

Genuine Coral Necklaces

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