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Freshwater Pearl Necklace


 A ladies single string of lustrous soft lavender, peach and champagne pearls with a 14kt ball clasp fastening. This freshwater strand is composed of 42 pearls measuring approximately 10 mm each.

This necklace is ungraduated, there is no visible difference in size between each pearl. The strand is perfectly matched to perfection, and each pearl is truly rounded, free of blemishes with a rich, bright lustre. 

The necklace is strung by hand and individually knotted between each pearl to make a 45 cm necklace that will sit comfortably just below the collarbone. 

  • A string of freshwater pearls with a 14kt yellow gold ball clasp. 
  • 42 hand selected pearls with a circumfrance of 10 mm each
  • Lustrous pairing of soft lavender, peach, champagne and white pearls 
  • This neckalce is 18 inches in length (45 cm)

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